we're the connection
between you and your clients.


We are eyetractive.

Designers of smart software & worthy websites. Two disciplines under one roof. Because both revolve around being smart and efficient, and there's more than meets the eye. At eyetractive we design digital solutions based on this conviction around the needs of you and your customers.

Designers of smart software

We design smart software solutions, so our clients can organize their companies more efficient and more data-conscious. Our goal? Setting up smart systems that help our clients and return their investment. And the icing on the cake: our solutions are quite the lookers.

Designers of worthy websites

We design websites that are accessible for all visitors while looking crystal clear. We build straightforward websites, because that's what makes them valuable. In addition, we ensure our clients don't have to spend time or thought on the technical side of things.

Who we are ...

Jan Huntjens

Jan Huntjens

Likes the comfort of humming servers, clean user interfaces and lovely lines of code.

Has a educational background in Human Aspects of IT.

Loves being on- or underwater.

Mylan van Duuren

Mylan van Duuren

Big fan of to-the-point and modern websites & software.

Studied IT & Media Design in Eindhoven.

Is usually dangling from boulders or biking through the forest.

Bram Dirks

Bram Dirks

Primarily involved in front-end development.

Studied ICT & Media Design in Eindhoven.

Can often be found on a football field or festival site.


Has loads of energy and is always happy.

Very interested in shoelaces and everything chewable.

The only one in the office who doesn't drink coffee.

... and what we like

  • Working with people
  • A short way from concept to practice
  • To-the-point, clear and fresh
  • New technologies and web standards
  • Organizations that dare to change
  • Solutions with a clear focus
  • Smooth sales talks and presentations
  • Being addressed formally
  • Bad tailored software
  • Vending machine coffee

Our clients

One by one, people with ambition.

Evert scours through all the little towns in Limburg and finds the nicest geniune products for his store. Eyetractive lends a helping hand with the design and webshop.

Zuyd Hogeschool needs a place where students, teachers and businesses come together. Eyetractive provides them with the online Career Services platform and a fully customized CRM system.

Stadion Uitzenden flourishes! Eyetractive ensures that management information is always at hand and that employees remain fully up-to-date through an intranet.

The Kennedy-Mars Sittard is a challenge we've accepted! Walking 80 kilometers untrained? I don't think so! But rather tailor-made software for event registrations and timing.


We're working for more than 200 clients. The printing presses run regulary and around 25 servers are constantly humming. Not to mention all the coffee beans.


From start-ups with a small budget to organizations with 1000+ employees and heavy requirements! From commercial to government and non-profit. Wonderfully varied!


You'll find people that know us well mainly in Limburg. You'll also find quite a lot higher in the country & just across the borders in the Euregion. In the Carribean however, you'll only find a few.

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This is how we work

Everything revolves around smartness, efficiency and optimization. To ensure that your customer's digital experience is optimal, we work in four sprints.

Design & development
Maintenance & hosting