your service up and running,
always and everywhere.

service maintenance and hosting

We ensure that our clients websites and applications are reliable and fast.

No fuss

We'll take care of you completely. That's why we won't leave you to control panels and technical concerns. Questions? Just give us a call.

Always available & lightning fast

We strive for 100% uptime, so that your online service is available 24/7. With shared hosting for websites and e-mail, the focus is on quality. We don't oversell our capacity. Custom web applications run on dedicated solutions, because they deserve it.

Updates and maintenance

An update policy is indispensable if you want to have a reliable and speedy websites or web applications. That update policy is included by default with our web hosting. For software we provide maintenance, support and release management within an SLA.

Webhosting and/or maintenance?

We keep more than 250 websites and platforms up-to-date and available online every day.

Around 25 web, e-mail and backup servers are running constantly. We offer web hosting in all shapes and sizes, starting from € 17.50 per month.

But sometimes an application can use a little more than just hosting, SSL certificate and a domain name. We provide updates via a standard update policy and we help our clients to grow their software by providing release management. This is how we constantly work together to utilize digital possibilities and to organize your business as smart as possible.

Our work