let us worry about the code
so you don't have to.

service smart software

We design smart software solutions, so our clients can organize their companies more efficient and ber more data-conscious. To realise this, we follow three simple principles:

Truly custom made

We design software that is completely tailored to you. And that of course starts with a tape measure. Because we can be of service only if we completely understand your challenges.

Less is more

We build software that focuses on ease of use and makes working more pleasant, faster and easier. In short; no endless manuals.

Software with room to grow

Our software is specifically tailored to your needs and objectives in your current situation, but also in line with the growth that your organization has in mind.


To make sure your software application or online platform is perfect, we work in four sprints.

Design & development
Maintenance & hosting

1. Idea

Together, we'll turn your good idea into a project. We will determine the scope and put a plan in writing. That way, you'll know exactly where we stand.

2. Design & development

We will translate your objectives and requirements into a database structure and wireframes. This way, we have a clear overview of how everything will work and what data we will process. We will then develop the components of your application one by one, so that you can closely follow the development.

3. Launch

Even during the development, you will be looking along with us in a testing environment. This way we can quickly receive and incorporate your feedback and we don't lose any time afterwards. As soon as you are completely satisfied, we will launch!

4. Maintenance & hosting

After delivery, we take care of maintenance and hosting completely. This way your application will continue to work flawlessly and the environment is always accessible. Don't worry, we won't leave you to control panels. If you have a question, you simply give us a call.

What kind of software?

At eyetractive, we do everything we can to get you involved in digitization. So you know where the opportunities and possibilities lie in the field of software.

We are happy to show our clients how our smart software creates added value for their organization. We develop software for starting entrepreneurs with a small budget to organizations with 1000+ employees and a solid package of requirements. For SMEs, government and non-profits.

  • Business support systems
  • Customer portals & self service
  • To gain insight in your data
  • Interactive platforms
  • To make repeat-work more fun, faster and easier
  • Available online everywhere
  • To make data useful
  • Fully customized
  • To build a smarter future
  • Secure & GDPR-proof

Smart software