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service worthy websites

We design websites that present companies online in a decisive and, above all, clear manner. No hassle, no fuss. We just go for valuable websites that look great and feel right.

We design websites with focus

The needs of the customer are key. But we like to think along how we can design the ideal online environment so that it also contributes to achieving goals. We therefore do not use standard templates. Our designs are coded from scratch. Great for maintenance, ideal for updates.

Search Engine optimization is a must, but not leading

We think it is important that a website is tailored to people, rather than robots. Fast-paced functionality combined with eye-catching design.

Less is more

No unnecessary flashy designs that distract you. We prefer to be straightforward. In our eyes simplicity means: To understand it at the first glance.


To make sure your website or online platform is perfect, we work in four sprints.

Design & development
Maintenance & hosting

1. Idea

Together, we'll turn your good idea into a project. We will determine the scope and put a plan in writing. That way, you'll know exactly where we stand.

2. Design & development

We will translate your objectives and requirements into wireframes. This way, we have a clear overview of how everything will work and what data we will process. After that, we'll give it a fresh coat of paint and take care of the content.

3. Launch

While we're developing, you can follow progress on a staging environment. As soon as you're completely satisfied, we'll launch! During the launch, we'll make sure that all migrations around the website and e-mail go smoothly.

4. Maintenance & hosting

After we're "live", we take care of maintenance and hosting completely. Don't worry, we won't leave you to control panels. Any technical concerns? You give us a call. We'll also take care of your e-mail, your domain name registration and SSL certificates.

What kind of websites?

At eyetractive, we think ease of use is key. Both for you and your customers. Therefore, our website are easy to maintain and easy to visit.

We develop websites and webshops for starting entrepreneurs with a small budget to organizations with 1000+ employees and a solid package of requirements. For SMEs, government and non-profits.

  • Websites, webshops and online experiences
  • Interactive platforms
  • Responsive & mobile first
  • Based on open source software
  • For a good first impression
  • For a high conversion rate
  • Secure & GDPR-proof

Worthy websites