custom-made software,
affordable and efficient.

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Over the years we've built up a large number of standard solutions. By deploying these for you, we can develop quickly and cost-efficiently for you.

In the end, we always build custom-made software. But by using a standard solution as a starting point, we can take care of your needs sooner.

Quick to start

We can implement many solutions for your business within one month.

Cost efficient

No high entry costs but a friendly monthly fee.


No one likes the fine print. That's why all these solutions can be canceled monthly.

Event registration

Want to accept online registrations for an event, conference or workshop? Our registration module takes care of that. Available in multiple languages and with online payments.

Is your registration process more complex? If you work in teams or with workshop choices for example, we also have extensive experience with this.


A central place for all colleagues to work together? Our Intranet is often set as a homepage for all employees. With internal news, file sharing, leave registration and more.


Want to handle customers from a team & work easily with quotes and invoices? We've got you covered!

Wink is our software. With this engine, we provide dozens of customers with complete custom made software. Wink allows us to develop applications quickly, cost-efficiently and securely.

Wink is not an off-the-shelf software package, but rather a good start for your custom application. It's the part that you'd normally find 'under the hood'. Wink contains the underlying technical building blocks for modern web-based applications.

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